Teaming up for product development

As I’ve delved deeper into the startup ecosystem, I’ve recognized the need for technical co-founders as invaluable resources. However, a common challenge emerging founders face is the scarcity of financial resources, particularly if they lack personal funds or investor backing.

The advent of AI and no-code applications has certainly set a new standard for founders seeking to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Nevertheless, there comes a point where user experience (UX) enhancements and intricate development work become imperative, necessitating the involvement of skilled developers.

In my interactions within the developer community, I’ve encountered individuals who’ve embarked on career transitions into the world of software development or opted for bootcamps as an alternative to traditional college routes due to various challenges. While these bootcamps typically provide a solid foundational understanding of application development, they may occasionally gloss over more intricate aspects like database management. Consequently, graduates often struggle to secure entry-level positions, as many companies prioritize seasoned developers.

In my own experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to hire a couple of highly motivated and self-driven developers for one of my startups. Collaborating closely with them, I facilitated their understanding of our system and meticulously reviewed their code commits to ensure top-notch quality. This partnership allowed us to successfully implement several significant production changes, including the introduction of new features and bug fixes.

At Wickidcool Software, we are actively experimenting with a novel approach: pairing a seasoned senior developer with a newer, less experienced developer to work on projects at a reduced rate. If you’re intrigued by this model and think it could benefit one of your projects, please do get in touch with us. We’d be thrilled to explore this collaborative opportunity with you.

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